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SF Sahlenburg U10
The Fleros company could not resist to take the opportunity of providing the young U10 team with new football shirts. Mr Flessel's son also makes part of the team. They boys had grown out of  their „old shirts“ which Markus Flessel could not bear to look at. The coaches of the team (Michael von Bargen and Klaus Unterlauf) would very much appreciate to get new talents ! Presently the team, which plays in the Kreisliga Süd (= district league, south) consists of the following players:

FC Sahlenburg U10

Rear:  Sponsor Marcus Flessel next to  Alexander Flessel- Thies Daldorf- Ben Albrand-Paulina Unterlauf- Josua Ruhlkötter. Front :Dennis Boy- Paul Cordts- Jörn Mielke- Ben Blunk. Not shown in the photo: Vincent Böker and the coaches of the team Michael v. Bargen and Klaus Unterlauf

Once again, the team, parents and coaches would like express their thanks to Marcus Flessel /Fleros Kunststoffe.

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